About Barkmarket

Barkmarket is a barkloudly company.

Our mission is to link you and all other dog lovers to the best products. We cover stuff that you might need to novlety items you might simply want. Barkmarket is our online store for the best dog inspired products and services. To put it simply, we are happy to share what we love with you.

We use some of the revenue generated from our shop to fund barkMatch, our service where we match potential dog adopters with shelters that have dogs waiting to be adopted by loving and caring families. 

We choose partners for our Barkmarket based on the following things that matter to us:

  • We love people and organizations that love dogs and dog lovers
  • We support adoption and fostering
  • We seriously care about where you get your dog from
  • We believe that each one of us can become an awesome dog parent
  • We believe irresponsible dog parents make all of us look stupid
  • We are cool with responsible & ethical breeders
  • We are strongly against harming dogs via any means.